"Damit ein Ereignis Größe habe, muss zweierlei zusammenkommen: Der große Sinn derer, die es vollbringen, und der große Sinn derer, die es erleben." (Richard Wagner)
"Damit ein Ereignis Größe habe, muss zweierlei zusammenkommen: Der große Sinn derer, die es vollbringen, und der große Sinn derer, die es erleben." (Richard Wagner)

Theatre of Masquerade

Theatre of Masqueradeis a band from Berlin, who are `sly old dogs´. They emerged from a 2004 established project of Van Adrian and matured in the last years to a band.
It is difficult to describe the music, but easy to enjoy because it offers a pure distinctive sound that doesn´t fit any categories.
Known compositions like the haunting future-pop track “Break down the walls” or the
probably best known song “As the sun” emphasize live and on the debut album
“Phanthomine” deep full beats and bassy notes so that the musicians around mastermind Van Adrian could definitely start putting up fire extinguishers in the dance hall! The song “rocks” like the devil and the dance floor will definitely catch fire!
You can also find beat supported ballads in the repertoire of the band. Especially the single “Wasser und Land” should be mentioned where the emotional anthem of Van Adrian and Ronny Roth gets to the point. So it doesn´t surprise that this song definitely is a potential hit and will also appeal to the audience beyond the black robes. On stage the two have even more to offer, because in their adventurous appearance for example in the noisy – industrial instrumental track “Break” they allow free play to fun and master the cutoff and resonance filters.
Theater of Masquerade carries you with their live performances into a magical world where no one can say what will happen. Next to spherical sounds and the unique stage show the melodic and charismatic voices captivate the listener. They describe that the art of writing music will always be a desire of the mind…

The extraordinary band name which drilled itself into Van Adrian´s mind as he was visiting a theatre in the USA gives them the possibility to apply their ideas on stage and through the music without to compromise their style. This is quite important because the two definitely nice masters Van Adrian and Ronny Roth do plan their shows accurately – but nobody can
tell which song will be played next or with which ideas they will come up to capture the audience.
Both are electronic freaks who like to get the best out of old generation analog synthesizers and they manage to write charismatic, dynamic, warm songs with ease which presents a message of self-discovery to the listeners.
So you can experience the heroes of the masks on their all
black debut album “Phanthomine” how they play musical downsides because the epic ballads, the hammering beats and the driving speed of the industrial-style urge to fill the dance floors in the scene clubs.